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What We Treat


The Eye Microsurgery MNTK performs over 350,000 high-tech surgeries of any complexity annually.

The uniqueness of the clinic is due to high reliability of treatment and constant improvement of diagnostic and surgical techniques. The comprehensive use of traditional methods of eye surgery through micro incisions, ultrasound and laser surgery with application of new generation lasers give excellent results in the treatment of the most complex eye pathologies.

The highest quality of diagnosis and surgery and a case-by-case approach to the treatment of each patient guarantee successful restoration of vision. Excellence of treatment techniques, modern equipment and many years of experience of doctors ensure good and stable results.

Medical activities of the Eye Microsurgery MNTK:

Laser correction

Surgical treatment:

  • astigmatism
  • near-sightedness
  • far-sightedness
  • glaucoma
  • diabetic eye disease
  • diseases of the optic nerve and the optical path
  • corneal diseases
  • modern keratoconus diagnosis and treatment methods
  • cataract
  • retinal detachment
  • reconstructive and plastic eye surgery
  • eye neoplasms
  • vitreous opacity

Therapeutic treatment

Treatment of children

Surgical techniques developed by the MNTK are successfully used by various Russian and foreign clinics due to their reliability and high quality. The proficiency of our surgeons has earned recognition all over the world.

During the treatment we will provide you with comfortable accommodation.

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